Popular smart phone likely to become even more so with addition of Verizon next month

Apple says that its app store has hit the 10 billion downloads mark.

The high cost of parking tickets provided inspiration to a man in Sydney, Australia. He says he created an app to alert drivers when parking cops were in the vicinity out of desperation.

Antoine Dodson became a YouTube video sensation last year with his rape-warning "Bed Intruder" rap. Dodson soon could become a reality TV star, TMZ reports. He is shooting a pilot and already has an executive producer.

“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star reportedly checked into rehab after she got into a huge fight with her sister. They were at a party for a castmate.

VS Technologies  reportedly is suing Twitter, claiming the networking site infringed on its patented technology. Lots of celebs including Justin Bieber are on Twitter.

The phone company has a new app that disables certain functions if the cell phone senses it is moving. It’s only available on certain phones. The company says this app doesn’t drain batteries, the way other similar apps can.

Ivanka Trump announced some "amazing news" Friday on Twitter: that she is pregnant. Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, have been married since 2009. She is also co-host of "Celebrity Apprentice" with her father.


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